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What are the Most Common Sex Injuries?

When most people think of sex, they think of the pleasure of sex. But sex isn’t always smooth-sailing. And in some cases, sex can also lead to injuries. You’ll be surprised to learn about the number of people who suffer from injuries because of their sexual exploits. From vaginal tears to carpet burns and broken penises, sex injuries can come in numerous forms. Some even get foreign objects stuck inside their nether regions, necessitating a complicated medical extraction!

But what are the most common sex injuries? This article describes the most common sex injuries, how to manage those situations, and how to prevent them.  

The Top Most Common Sex Injuries

#1. Carpet Burns

Carpet burns are perhaps the most common type of sex injury. You can suffer from carpet burns if you engage in rough, vigorous sex for a prolonged period on a rough surface, such as a carpet. You may also get carpet burns if you rub against hard facial hair or go down on someone with recently shaved or prickly pubic hair. Carpet burns occur because of friction during sex, which can lead to burns on the thighs, elbows, hands, or even the face!

Carpet burns can be incredibly painful and feel like severe burns. If you notice redness or skin irritation on various parts of your body, you know you have a carpet burn. In most cases, carpet burns can be treated at home. But if you notice signs of infections, such as pus, you must contact a doctor immediately. If you have signs of a carpet burn, you can dab the region with an antiseptic gel and take mild painkillers. And please avoid friction in the area.

#2. Vaginal Tears

Vaginal tears or cuts might occur during sexual intercourse if the vaginal opening is not lubricated enough. Inadequate lubrication may cause the skin around the vaginal opening to tear. The risk of vaginal tears increases if you have vaginal dryness, which can be caused by certain medications, such as antihistamines, birth control pills, and certain antidepressants. Vaginal tears are also more likely to occur if you're not sufficiently aroused before sex.

Treatment for vaginal tears usually involves home care. You can use a lubricant during sex to help prevent vaginal dryness. If you have a vaginal tear, it's important to keep the area clean and dry. You might also need to use mild, unscented soap. Generally speaking, abstaining from sex or masturbation for a few days is enough to heal the tear. To prevent vaginal tears, use a lubricant during sex, and stop if you feel pain.

#3. Urinary Tract Infection

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection that can occur anywhere along your urinary tract, which includes your kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. Most UTIs are acute, meaning they occur suddenly and last for a short time. However, some UTIs can become chronic, meaning they come and go and may last for months or even years.

UTIs are usually caused by bacteria that enter your urinary tract through your urethra and begin to multiply. Your urinary tract is normally a sterile environment, so any bacteria that are present are usually quickly flushed out. However, sometimes bacteria can adhere to the walls of your urinary tract and multiply, causing an infection.

UTIs are more common in women than in men because the female urethra is shorter than the male urethra. Urinary tract infection is a common sex injury because the bacteria can travel up the urethra during sexual intercourse. To minimize the risk of a urinary tract infection, you must drink plenty of fluids and empty your bladder soon after sexual intercourse.

There are several things you can do to treat a UTI. The most important thing is to drink plenty of fluids. This will flush the bacteria out of your system. You can also take over-the-counter pain relievers to help relieve the pain and inflammation associated with a UTI. If your symptoms are severe, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics.

#4. Penis Fracture

A penis fracture occurs when the tunica albuginea, i.e., the rubbery tissue underneath the skin that allows the penis to expand, is torn or damaged. Mild fractures only affect the tunica albuginea, but deeper fractures can also affect the corpus cavernosum, which is the layer of tissues underneath the tunica albuginea. A penis fracture can be excruciating and necessitates immediate medical attention.

Penis fractures can occur because of certain adventurous sexual positions. For example, penis fractures may occur when the partner on the top places excess pressure on the penis during vaginal or anal penetration. If the partner on top pushes down despite resistance, the erect penis can get fractured, which is really painful. You may even hear an audible pop or crack.

Penis fractures are extremely rare. But when they occur, you need immediate medical attention or surgery to correct the problem. To prevent a penis fracture, you must be aware during sexual intercourse. If there’s any resistance to penetration, the partner on top must stop and go gentle.

#5. Food Irritation

Sex and food go great together. But they can also be a recipe for disaster. It’s sexy to bring strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate into the bedroom, especially because they can add to your sexual experience. But sex and food only go together when you use light, sweet items. If you try to combine sex with spicy food, that’s bound to end in a disaster.

For example, if you perform cunnilingus or fellatio on your partner after eating spicy food, the hot sauce from your mouth can lead to mild burns! You should also avoid touching your partner if theres any spicy sauce on your hands. If you find yourself with a food irritation, you must neutralize the burn with soap and water or dairy products, like yogurt or milk.

In addition to the sex injuries mentioned above, you should also be aware of yeast infections, back injuries, and foreign objects getting stuck in the vagina or penis. Its perfectly okay to get creative and adventurous with sex, but you must also practice caution and listen to your body. If something doesnt feel right, stop and think about what youre doing.

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