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7 Must Know Tips for Combining Sex and Food

There are a lot of similarities between food and sex, especially in how they make you feel. Both sex and food can nourish your soul, sate your appetite, and make you feel loved. So, why not combine sex and food for a truly delightful experience!

Adding edible, delicious, and sensual food items to your sexual experience can heighten your senses and add another layer of pleasure. This is especially true for individuals in committed relationships — you can actively and comfortably explore different sexual avenues, desires, fantasies, and kinks! Whether its foot fetishism, neck fetishism, striptease, mutual masturbation, or combining food and sex, you can engage in healthy sexploration!

But how do you get started? How can you combine sex and food? And which food items are worth introducing into your bedroom? That’s what we explore in this article!

#1. Stick to light and sweet foods

When you combine food and sex, the food items should enhance the sexual experience. You can think of the food as the sweet appetizer, or the foreplay, and the sex as the main course. You should generally stay away from savory and spicy foods — it can be pretty painful if they get into your mouth or genitals. And stick to sweet, light, fruity items, such as strawberries, honey, and chocolate.

But what if you prefer healthy sweets? Well, if you enjoy healthy sweets, you can still go for mangoes, strawberries, cherries, and other sweet fruits. But if you’re not restricted by healthy items, you can go all out with chocolate, whipped cream, ice cream, and candies! You can even combine cream and chocolates with fruits! Sweet foods are safe for sex because they don’t hurt if they accidentally get into your genitals.

In addition to sticking to sweets, you should also limit how much you consume. The point of using food in sex is to enhance the sexual experience — not fill up your stomach. If you go overboard with the sweets, you may feel sluggish, bloated, or get a sugar crash, which can make the main course, i.e., the sex, less fun.

#2. Don’t get food in your genitals

You can do a lot with food. Dip your fingers, lick them up from your partners body, and feed them to your partner. But you should keep food away from your genitals. Thats because getting sweets into the genitals may increase the risk of skin irritation, infections, yeast problems, and more. Its alright to use plain ice on all parts of the body, but other foods should be kept away from the genitals.

#3. Use and activate all of your senses

Food should engage a lot more than just your taste buds. When you bring food into your sexual experience, you can also engage your sense of touch and smell. Bring foods that smell good, and use them to activate your olfactory senses. You can also use food for temperature play. Foods that heat up, such as honey and chocolate, can produce different forms of sensations from frozen foods, such as ice cream.

Try different types of food to gauge how they feel on your body. Different temperatures carry different sensations. You can also try foods with different textures, from the stickiness of honey to the smoothness of cherries and grapes; different textures also produce different sensations. Run the food items over your partners erogenous zones, such as the underarms, neck, ears, and thighs, and gauge their reactions.

#4. Try different sensations with your mouth

There are lots of different ways to consume food, especially when combined with sex. The go-to method for most people is to lick ice cream, honey, or chocolate off the partners body. But you can get more creative with your mouth! Try sucking honey or cream off your partners fingers or underarms — the suction force will produce a new and interesting sensation. Or nibble chocolate off your partners nipples, smear honey with your lips, or get creative with other sensations. The more you experiment, the better! 

#5. Get your sheets and gears ready

If you decide to combine sex and food, you need to do a little preparation in advance. Dont use your expensive sheets for this activity. Instead, stick with sheets and towels that you dont mind getting dirty — because they will get dirty! When selecting chocolate or honey, use bottles with drizzle nozzles. And its also a good idea to keep condoms, lubricants, and sex toys within easy reach. You can also use the sex toy to smear food items on your partner, which would add another layer of unexpected pleasure! Why not try our own forbidden fruit Evii?

Evii by Biird Forbidden Fruit

#6. Select the right food for sex

We have already mentioned that you should stick to light and sweet foods during sex. The most common food items for sex are strawberries, cherries, chocolate, honey, and whipped cream. But what if you want to get a little more adventurous? The following are some of the other food items you can introduce into your sexual experience:

  • Bananas, whole or chopped
  • Whipped cream
  • Champagne
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Ice cream
  • Mango slices
  • Gummy bears

#7. Make post-sex cleanup fun!

Once you complete the food sex experience, you can start the cleanup process. But cleanup doesnt have to be a chore. You can play some fun music while you gather up all the dirty linen, plates, toys, and items. You can then hit the shower and help each other clean up, especially in the hard-to-reach areas. And if youre still feeling sexy, you can even implement the showerhead in round two to get a similar effect to clit suckers!

Remember: the whole point of combing food and sex is having fun! If you get started and dont enjoy the experience, perhaps because its too messy or sticky for you, then don't hesitate to communicate that with your partner.

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