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Psychological Benefits of Sex Toys

Even though sex and masturbation are natural and essential acts, theyre often demonized by society because of outmoded and puritanical prevailing attitudes. In recent decades, weve made great strides in de-stigmatizing casual sex, but we still have a ways to go in de-stigmatizing masturbation and the use of sex toys.

People, both men and women, are ashamed of using sex toys for various reasons. Some view sex toys as immoral objects. Some perceive sex toy usage as a sign of inadequate sex life. And some people, especially men, find sex toys emasculating. However, in actuality, theres nothing shameful about enjoying your sexuality, and using sex toys doesnt say anything about your sex life.

We can all benefit from sex toys and regular masturbation, regardless of our relationship status or the quality of our sex life. Sex toys arent just meant for soloists; they can also help people in relationships! You can use sex toys to learn more about your own sexuality or enhance your intimacy with a partner.

We can all benefit from sex toys and regular masturbation, regardless of our relationship status or the quality of our sex life.

Masturbation, especially sex toy-guided masturbation, has numerous health and psychological benefits. This article describes some of the most important mental health benefits of sex toys.

1. Sex toys help you understand your sexual desires.

The best way to improve your sex life isnt necessarily to find lots of sexual partners but to understand your own body and sexual desires. When you explore your body, you understand whats the best way to get yourself off. You discover kinks and erogenous zones that may otherwise remain unearthed. And sex toys are crucial in your journey towards sexual awakening and discovery.

Armed with self-knowledge, you can be a more sexually confident individual. You can confidently demand satisfaction from your sexual partners instead of merely fulfilling their whims and desires. Most importantly, learning to enjoy your body without a sexual partner gives you the confidence to settle for nothing but the best. People who use sex toys generally have better orgasms and report better more satisfaction with their sex lives.

According to the TENGA 2018 Global Self-Pleasure Report, Americans report 90% of sexual satisfaction with people who use sex toys, compared to only 76% of sexual satisfaction with those who dont use sex toys. This statistic highlights that using sex toys doesnt just improve your sex life but also makes you a better sexual partner to others.

2. Sex toys help you communicate better with your partners.

Using sex toys with partners is every bit as helpful as using sex toys solo. Actively incorporating sex toys into your sexual activities improves your communication in general. People are more likely to communicate how they feel when engaging with their partners via sex toys. If you dont like how the sex toy is used, you can tell your partner without the fear of hurting their ego or self-esteem.

Sex toys create a bit of distance that allows you to openly communicate your desires with each other. Openly communicating your desires with sex toys paves the way for you to openly communicate your desires even without sex toys. According to studies, open sexual communication is a key component of healthy relationships and overall sexual satisfaction, often leading to more and better orgasms.

3. Sex toys improve your self-image and body confidence.

The human body is a brilliant machine built as much for its capacity for sexual pleasure as its physical strength and intellect. In fact, the clitoris is packed with over 8,000 nerve endings with the sole purpose of delivering pleasure, free from any other biological imperatives. Its one and only goal is to make you feel good. And sex toys help you use your body the way nature intended it to be used.

People who masturbate regularly have greater self-confidence and sexual-confidence.

When you truly learn to understand your body, you learn to love, respect, and cherish it. People who masturbate regularly have greater self-confidence and sexual-confidence. Sex toys allow you to experiment with your body without fear of judgment or censure, letting you fall in love with all the sensations your body is capable of producing. Once you learn to love yourself, you feel more confident about settling for nothing less in your relationships.

4. Sex toys help you sleep soundly.

Sleep is essential to the human body — that probably goes without saying. It improves our immune system, makes us sharper individuals, and prevents depression or other mental health problems. Lack of sleep may also affect our libido, leading to a lack of sexual desire, inability to orgasm, and other issues that cause immense frustration.

With sex toys, you can orgasm and sleep comfortably in a rush of blissful endorphins.

Masturbation and sex help you sleep soundly because they release oxytocin and endorphins, making you feel more relaxed. However, women often have a hard time orgasming without external stimulation, and thats where sex toys come in. With sex toys, you can orgasm and sleep comfortably in a rush of blissful endorphins. Improving your sleep pattern helps you improve your quality of life in general.

5. Sex toys treat sexual dysfunctions.

Anyone and everyone can suffer from sexual dysfunction. Doesn’t matter if you’re in your 20s or 70s; male or female; gay or straight; all of us can suffer from sexual dysfunction. Furthermore, sexual dysfunction can occur because of a wide range of physical or emotional factors, and there’s nothing quite as frustrating as the inability to orgasm.

However, sex toys can help men and women deal with sexual dysfunction. Some of the recent sex toys, like Biirds Namii, are specifically designed to trigger your entire clitoral structure, making them capable of getting past any physical or emotional barriers to deliver an orgasm. But its not just about orgasms; sex toys can also improve the journey towards orgasms.

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