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Everything You Need to Know About Clitoris Piercing

If you enjoy body jewelry, you may have considered clit piercings. You can get your clitoris and the clitoral hood pierced, but clitoral hood piercings are generally considered safer. Most people get clit piercings for aesthetic purposes, but some also say they provide mild sexual stimulation. Before getting your clit pierced, you should carefully consider your options. Clit piercing can be safe when performed using the ideal techniques by safe and licensed providers, but the decision shouldnt be made lightly.

This article discusses everything you need to know about clit piercings.

What are the types of clit piercings?

  • Glans Piercing: This is the only type of clit piercing placed on the actual clitoris. It can be a vertical piercing on the clitoral head or a horizontal piercing on the midpoint. 
  • Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) Piercing: The VCH piercing is incredibly popular — it’s placed vertically through a thin film of tissue on the hood’s peak.
  • Horizontal Clitoral Hood (HCH) Piercing: The HCH piercing goes horizontally along the base of the clitoral hood.
  • Triangle Piercing: It’s placed horizontally through the base of the clitoral hood, usually below the shaft of the clitoris.
  • Princess Diana Piercing: This is essentially a VCH piercing done on the side of the clitoral hood tissues rather than the peak.
  • Christina/ Venus Piercing: This piercing starts from the front of the vulva and emerges at the mons pubis, making it a clitoral glans and hood piercing.

Which type of clit piercing is right for me?

Everyones vulva is unique, so everyone needs different types of clit piercings. A clit piercing that works for someone else might not work for your particular clitoral glans or hood shape or size. You should consult reputable and reliable clit piercers to determine if youre suitable for clit piercings. And if so, you should ask about your particular clit piercing options.

According to the Association of Professional Piercers (APP), most clit piercers avoid glans piercings unless you’ve had previous clitoris glans piercing without issues. Since the glans piercing is done on the clitoral body, which is a small nub, it’s only suitable for people with a large and visible clitoris. Even if you have a sufficiently large and visible clitoris, the surrounding tissues might be too tight for the safe application of a glans piercing. That’s why glans piercing is an extremely rare type of clit piercing.

Most people opt for VCH, HCH, or other clitoral hood piercings. Thats because the clitoral hood is usually large enough to accommodate piercings. But if you have an extremely large or prominent labia majora, the piercer may advise against an HCH piercing because it can be uncomfortable. Most piercers perform a Q-tip test, which involves placing a sterile cotton tip underneath the hood to determine if you have enough space for jewelry. Your piercer will thoroughly examine your anatomy and determine the ideal type of clit piercing for you.

What are the sexual benefits of clit piercings?

Clit piercings on the clitoral glans or clitoral hood can enhance sexual arousal and pleasure for you and your partner. The most popular clit piercings for sexual arousal include the VCH piercing, Princess Diana piercing, and triangle piercings — these piercing styles can stimulate the clitoral glans during intercourse or masturbation, enhancing your pleasure. The triangle piercing enhances pleasure during clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation, and anal stimulation.

Glans and clitoral hood piercings can also boost your partners sensation. The jewelry creates slight stimulation against your partners genitals, which can be pleasurable. Your partner may also feel aroused from the visual component of the clitoral piercing, which can further enhance your sexual experience. The Christina piercing doesnt bump against the clitoris but can create an interesting sensation during vulva-on-vulva movements.

Can I use a clit sucker with clit piercings?

People often worry that clit piercings would prevent them from using clit suckers. But thats simply not true. Clit suction toys dont create a suction force within the vulva, so they cant pull your clitoral jewelry. Instead, the most reliable clit suction vibrators, like Namii, produce pulsing sensations through sonic waves, which can vibrate the entire clitoral structure. You can continue using clit suckers with clit piercings — there are no risks.

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What are the materials used for clit piercings? 

According to the Association of Professional Piercers (APP), clit piercings should be done using implant-grade metals or solid 14-karat gold. Implant-grade metals are thoroughly tested to ensure they can prevent infections, allergic reactions, and degradation. The most reliable materials for clit piercings are implant-grade titanium, implant-grade stainless steel, and solid 14-karat gold that’s free from nickel or cadmium.

Do clit piercings hurt?

The sensation of clit piercings is different for everyone. How you experience the clit piercing depends on the type of piercing, the location, and the sensitivity of the glans or clitoral hood tissues. If youve received body piercings previously, you can expect a similar sensation. You may have a few seconds of intense pinching sensation, followed by lessening discomfort over time. Some people even enjoy the clit piercing sensations.

What are the risks of clit piercings?

The risks of clit piercings are the same as those for all body piercings, such as allergic reactions to the materials used, tearing of tissues, infections, embedding, migration, and botched piercings. If you contact a reliable and certified piercer, you can avoid most of the potential risks of clit piercings. You should also follow the strictest care and maintenance to minimize the risks.

How can I remove the clit piercing?

Once youre past the healing period, you can remove the clit piercing manually with your hands, provided your hands are thoroughly clean. To remove the clit piercing within the healing period, you must visit your piercer to have it removed safely. Once the clit piercing is removed, please clean the hole with saline until it heals completely.

When performed correctly by reliable piercers, clit piercings are safe, reliable, aesthetic, and sexually stimulating. If you want a clit piercing, you can definitely explore your options.

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